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Healthcare Consumers Per Month
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Healthcare Professionals

What do we know?

Our doctors like to talk to people as much as we do. We asked, and 89% of them feel that talking more helps to uncover specific conditions sooner.

When we asked the doctors if people bring in print materials versus bring up an ad they saw, 83% said they did, and it was to ask specifically about a product, or to help talk about a sensitive topic.

Patient Demographic

Who our Doctors See in a Month

Young Adults

  • 500,000 nationally
  • Aged 18-25 years

Parents with Young Children

  • 725,000 nationally
  • Aged 25-50 years

Active Adults

  • 815,000 nationally
  • Aged 25-50

Older Adults

  • 1,175,000 nationally
  • Aged 50+

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