As a leader in direct-to-consumer health information programs in the waiting room environment, IDS empowers people with healthcare information so they can: ask informed questions of their doctor; make an informed purchase decision at the store; and take helpful information for others in their lives.

Lengthy wait times (typically 40 minutes or more) allow you to inform and educate consumers on health-related topics such as: nutrition, women’s health, family health and/or general health (ask about how you can customize the ‘General Health’ shelf based on who you’re targeting).

NEW! digital posters

The how’re you? Digital Poster Network

This is a new addition to the Primary Care Network in general practitioner and family doctor’s offices. Connect with receptive consumers with eye-catching and engaging digital motion graphics.

  • 4.5MM+ impressions per month
  • Reach 900,000+ people per month
  • 225 locations in Ontario
  • 50 locations in Alberta
  • 25 locations in British Columbia
  • 20 locations in Saskatchewan
  • 15 locations in Manitoba
  • 10 locations in Quebec
  • 5 locations in Nova Scotia
  • More to Come

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Digital Poster

Primary Care Network

how’re you?

Our consumer-facing displays branded how’re you? live in our Primary Care Network and encourage people to engage in conversations around health and wellness. Located in general practitioners/family doctor’s offices throughout Canada.

Consumers in the waiting room are health-focused and have time to seek out information. Connect with the healthcare audience when they are most receptive to it, using brochures, print posters and digital posters.

  • 1,600 waiting rooms located coast-to-coast
  • 5,600 medical professionals
  • Reach 3.3MM health-focused people per month

Media Available:

Digital Posters, In-Frame Posters, Static ClingZ Posters, Print (Brochures, custom communication pieces)

Pharmacy Network

4,100 pharmacists coast-to-coast

2,000 community pharmacies nationally

Reach 5.2MM people per month in a retail environment

Hospital Network

50 hospitals nationally

425 display units that hold print materials (brochures and magazines)

Reach 2.7MM people per month

Canadian Diabetes Media Partnership

NEW! Partnership of two of the largest Canadian Diabetes Media companies in the country. Partnered with the Diabetes Care Group, a Family Communications Company; publishers of Parents Canada magazine.

Provides diabetic patients with the latest information and recommendations for nutrition, exercise, glucose testing and other products and services related to the management of diabetes.

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