Why healthcare waiting rooms?

Communicate directly to healthcare consumers

Deliver your message to a captive audience in a focused and trusted environment. Our services enable your brand or company to reach Canada’s largest consumer-based healthcare network. We provide our clients with strategic insights and tactical marketing solutions through point-of-care communication channels.

Our Network

A leader in point-of-care marketing solutions in healthcare waiting rooms

Our network offers numerous media and opportunities using print and digital campaigns.

  • Exceptional geographic coverage
  • Superb demographic
  • Efficient cost-per-impression
IDS Canada Networks
Digital Poster

NEW! Introducing digital posters

The how’re you? Digital Poster Network

Maximize your message with Digital Posters throughout our Primary Care Network in doctor’s offices. Digital posters display static and motion images, each message is eye-catching and engaging to consumers.

  • 4.5MM+ impressions per month
  • Reach 900,000+ people per month
  • 225 locations in Ontario
  • 50 locations in Alberta
  • 25 locations in British Columbia
  • 20 locations in Saskatchewan
  • 15 locations in Manitoba
  • 10 locations in Quebec
  • 5 locations in Nova Scotia
  • More to Come

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Our reach in numbers

Canada’s Largest Healthcare Media Network

An impressive nationwide network with an expansive target audience to reach. IDS Canada offers clients a wide range of advertising media to choose from and a reach that’s unmatched.

Healthcare Consumers Per Month
Waiting Rooms
4000 +
Healthcare Professionals

Our Services

One-stop shopping for out‑of‑home marketing solutions at the community level

IDS Canada offers advertisers and agencies access to market at the local community level, and in particular hard to reach rural markets. IDS is the definitive gateway to consumers, patients and medical professionals in the healthcare waiting room environment.

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